WINE BY THE GLASS (Glass | 1/2 | Lt)

White Wine:

Naked Grape, Chardonnay, Canada 9/26/40

Woodbridge, Sauvignon Blanc, USA 9/26/40

Cantina Tollo, Pinot Grigio, Italy 10/29/45

Red Wine:

Woodbridge, Cabernet Sauvignon, USA 9/26/40

Cantina Tollo, Sangiovese, Italy 10/29/45

Diego Murillo, Malbec, Argentina 9/26/40

Rosé Wines:

Carlo Rossi Blush, USA 9/26/40




White Wine:

Bartier Bros. Semillon VQA, BC 55

Di Leonardo, Pinot Grigio, Italy 57

Bartier Bros Unoaked, Chardonnay, BC 59

Umani Ronchi Casal Di Serra, Verdicchio, Italy 59

Kim Crawford, Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand 61

Red Wine:

Cusumano, Nero d’Avola, Italy 55

Tedeschi, Valpolicella Superiore, Italy 55

Gehringer – Dry Rock Cabernet Merlot, CA 40

Lucky Country, Shiraz, Australia 49


Bartier Bros, Merlot VQA, BC 75

Bartier Bros, Cabernet Franc, BC 82

Damilano Lecinquevigne, Barolo, Italy 110


Sparkling & Rosé:

Anna Spinato “MINI”, Organic Prosecco Brut, Italy 15

Bottega “Il Vino dei Poeti”, Prosecco Brut DOC, Italy 45


Tap Beer

Okanagan Spring 1516 Lager 6/24
Okanagan Spring Pale Ale 6/24
Warsteiner 6.50/25

Bottled Beer Domestic 6.50

Canadian, Kokanee, Budweiser, Coors Light, Miller’s Genuine Draft, Sleeman’s Honey Brown, Alexander Keith’s IPA, Whistler’s Forager Gluten Free

Bottled Beer Imported 6.50

Heineken, Stella Artois, Corona, Peroni, Pilsner Urquell, Guinness, Warsteiner, Alc Free

Coolers & Ciders 6.50

Smirnoff Ice, Grower’s Apple, Grower’s Peach, Grower’s Pear, Strongbow



Tea /2.95
green tea, green tropical, bambai chai, peppermint, jasmine, breakfast, red rose, earl grey, chmomille

Coffee or Espresso /2.95
regular or decaff

Cappuccino or Latte /small 3.95 – large /4.45

Nutella Coffee /4.95
fresh coffee, hot milk, sugar, whipped cream

Add a shot of syrup /0.5
raspberry, banana, kiwi, coconut or peach



Bay Moorings Coffee /10
Sambuca and Baileys, Coffee, Whipped cream

Baileys Coffee /10
Shot of Baileys, Coffee, Whipped cream

Spanish Coffee /10
Kahlua, Coffee, Whipped Cream

Blueberry Tea /10
Amaretto, Cinnamon stick, Grand marnier



Caribbean Breeze 9
white rum, Malibu, pineapple and cranberry juice

Mimosa 9
choice of raspberry, kiwi, peach, coconut, banana

Bay Moorings Adult Lemonade 9
raspberry, kiwi, peach, coconut, banana with soda, lemon and vodka

Long Island Ice Tea 10
vodka, gin, rum, tequila, triple sec, coke

Grand Orange Collis 10
grand mariner, orange juice, lemon juice, syrop, soda

Baby its Cold Outside 10
creme de menthe, Nutella, whipped cream, vodka

40 oz Madness 25
sangria style or tropical, perfect to share 40 oz madness size drink served in a giant wine glass, perfect for sharing


SPIRITS (single/double)

Irish Jameson 9/12
Bushmills black 9/12

Glenfiddich 9/12
Laphroaig 12/14
Chivas Regal 12 years old 9/12

J.P. Wisers 9/12
Crown Royal 9/12
Canadian Club 9/12

Jim Beam 9/12
Jack Daniels 9/12

Finlandia 9/12
Gray Goose 11/14

Beefeater 9/12
Bombay Sapphire 10/13
Tanguaray 10/13

EC Jimador 9/12

Bacardi White 9/12
Bacardi Black 9/12
Captain Morgan Spiced 9/12

Cognac and Brandy
Hennessy V.S. 12/14
Remy Martin V.S.O.P. 14/18
St Remy V.S.O.P. 9/12
Vecchia Romagna 9/12
Grappa Alexander 9/12

Campari 9/12
Amaretto 9/12
Sambuca 9/12
Baileys 9/12
Kailua 9/12
Grand Marnier 9/12
Jägermeister 9/12
Drambuie 9/12
Porto Taylor Fladgale 9/12
Sherry Tio Pepe 9/12


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